Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The International Association of Folklore Festivals – IAFF has been established in 2018 in the one of most attractive cities in Macedonia, protected by UNESCO – Ohrid.

International Association of Folklore Festivals – IAFF is an organization whose aim is to connect people all around the world through music and dance, while organizing different kind of festivals.

Mission of the International Association of Folklore Festivals – IAFF is organising quality events in order to discover and celebrate different cultures through music and other art forms. We constantly cooperate with various folk groups and festivals across the world to keep and develop national cultures. During our festivals the participants will have the chance to meet new friends from different countries, exchange experience and information, get to know new places where they will enjoy the beauties of amazing cities.

The main purpose of our organization is to preserve, develop and make popular the folklore of the different nations by organizing different kind of festivals at different places. Actually we pretend the affirmation of folklore, choir singing, traditional dances etc..

Our vision is through IAFF, people from different part of the world to be united by folklore and music, where they will share fun and enjoyment with other cultures.

This organization serves as a connection from one person to another, actually to different nations.

Art is our love and our passion, and music is the focus of what we do…
Everyone is welcome to take part in our festivals and we are always glad to welcome you on our events.